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Sonntag, 16. September 2018



Aufsteirern is the name of a festival that celebrates Styria – the sunny south-eastern part of Austria. The Styrian people like to share their pride and joy about their way of life and their folklore which expresses itself vividly in dialect, music, dance and design.
On one weekend in September (September 18 - September 20, 2015) the entire town city centre of Graz turns into a big stage. 100.000 visitors joined us last year and also four years ago for our 10-year-anniversary.


Aufsteirern is a festival for all Styrians and everyone who loves Austria. A variety of musicians and dancers will come to Graz from all of the Styrian districts to make this festival fun and enjoyable.

16th - 18th September

City centre of Graz

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Typical Austrian fashion

19.00 p.m.

Hauptplatz Graz

Fashionshow and presentation of the latest trends in typical Austrian fashion.



Philharmonic Orchestra Graz

12.00 p.m.

Hauptplatz, Karmeliterplatz and Landhaushof

Traditional Austrian music and new trends…Enjoy these inspiring, typical and modern rhythms and sounds!



Traditional styrian food

12.00 p.m.

Hauptplatz, Karmeliterplatz and Landhaushof

Aufsteirern is a festival for all Styrians and everyone who loves Austria. You are welcome to join in and celebrate the Styrian way. A variety of musicians and dancers will come to Graz from all of the Styrian districts to make this festival fun and enjoyable. All guests are invited to join the dancers and musicians on the many stages and dance floors in the city center! Indulge in Styrian cuisine and take a break at one of the many Styrian food stalls. The elite of the Styrian artists and craftsmen will present their local high-quality products!

What will you be able to listen to?

At every part of the city there will be instrumental music, singing, and chorus groups that will help provide a good mood to all who attend. There will be various types of music. Instruments will be played, blown and plucked. People will sing, yodel, whistle and chirrup!

What will you be able to see?

The festival offers a huge variety of things to experience: You will see traditional folk dancing, acting, traditional costumes and banners. Your eyes will never be bored!

What will you be able to touch?

People are brought together by experiencing and understanding different cultures. We invite you to experience our culture by introducing very unique specialties like our famous pumpkin seed oil or the rich and tasty products of our distilleries.

If you want to join the celebration…

Just remember that independency and originality is the name of the game for Styrian men and women. The possibilities are never ending. You are invited to learn the art of yodelling or test your strength by pounding stakes into the ground! You will have a fantastic time experiencing our diverse culture.

Hand Crafts

You will be amazed!
The Styrian people take great pride in craftsmanship. Traditional Styrian artisan produce always generates great interest among visitors. There will be a wide selection of crafts for you to explore. You will see baskets being woven and pottery being made and you will even have the opportunity to participate in these age-old traditions.


You will be tempted...
Don’t miss out on the famous Styrian food! Fuel your energy after all the singing and dancing – follow the wonderful fragrant smells to stalls full of delicacies on offer at the Aufsteirern festival. There will be a variety of sumptuous meats to choose from including suckling pig. Dig into gourmet desert dishes such as Styrian doughnuts, authentic strudels and cakes and other mouth-watering cream dishes. Taste famous Styrian fruit juices and delicate wines, they will satisfy your taste buds and ease your thirst.

Activities for children

Aufsteirern is not only for adults, all children are welcome and will be catered for. There are a variety of fun options: areas to run and play in and children’s workshops to keep them busy and entertained. Children will enjoy the fun and playful atmosphere of the Styrian culture!
Aufsteirern is a celebration of the green-white culture.

See you at the Styrian culture celebration “Aufsteirern 2016”

For further information please contact:
Ivents Kulturagentur
Wickenburggasse 32
8010 Graz
T +43 316 22 52 38